In addition to her romance novels, Sinner’s Lips and Sea Change, Leah Brent is also the author of three fantasy novels with romantic elements: The Singer’s Crown and its sequels, The Eunuch’s Heir, and The Bastard Queen, published as by Elaine Isaak.  As E. C. Ambrose, she wrote Elisha Barber (DAW, 2013) the first of “The Dark Apostle” historical fantasy series about medieval surgery, which include, as you might guess, almost no romance at all.  Other published works include “The Romance of Ruins” in Clarkesworld, and “Custom of the Sea,” winner of the Tenebris Press Flash Fiction Contest 2012.   Elaine quite enjoys her alternate identities, aside from a strong desire to start arguments with herself on social media.

Along with her writing, the author works as an adventure guide.  Past occupations include founding a wholesale business, selecting stamps for a philatelic company, selling equestrian equipment, and portraying the Easter Bunny on weekends.  She is currently the president of her local chapter of the Romance Writers of America, and is well known as a speaker and workshop leader for writers.